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What costumers say about us:

"I decided to give your drywall service a go because you are established right here in town. I could not have imagined that you would be the best contractor I ever worked with. You were professional at every turn and you did things with drywall I never dreamed was possible. My house looks great and I am more than pleased" Derrick P. Sturgis

"My wife and I ended up choosing you to provide our drywall work because you were sincere and honest from the get go. You did not say what we wanted to hear; you said what we needed to hear. That type of honesty is long gone from the business world. You certainly know your way around drywall and we will use again"
Larry S. Stinson

"I could not be more pleased with your staff and crew. When I called your drywall service to inquire about getting some work done they were so friendly and helpful that I was hooked before I ever meant you face to face. Once I meant you it was plain to see where they got their professional attitude from" John R. Rawlins

"I chose you for my drywall work because you were willing to listen to my concerns from the very start. You were never pushy and you never tried to sell me more than what I wanted. The customer service and quality work you provided far exceeded my expectations. You and your crew were friendly and approachable and I like that"

"I don't believe I have ever witnessed a more competent staff and crew then the one I found at your drywall company. The finished product simply blew my mind. My walls looked like they were brand new. You and your crew cleaned up the area beautifully and were very respectful throughout the process. Thanks for being so devoted to what you do" Ann L. Langley

Drywall Contractor Hollywood

Hurray for Hollywood! Say that and you know where you are - the land of movies and movie stars. Tinsel town with its Walk of Fame and movie premiers is a vacation destination for many. It all began with the word action in1906 with the first short film. Now Hollywood is synonymous with spinning fantasy. Of course, not all of Hollywood is about make believe. There are regular businesses and family homes that call this city home as well.

Drywall Hollywood is one such business that serves families' needs. If you have a project that calls for drywall, we are your business. Do you need plaster or wall covering services? We cover those areas of construction also. What we do is better than any other drywall company that you will find in Hollywood or our sister cities. Come by or call us and we will help you make drywall decisions and put them into practice. Our work speaks for itself.

We are a licensed drywall contractor and we can handle drywall jobs of any shape or size. We have drywall experience and drywall services to suite whatever project you are looking to complete. Our residential & commercial drywall draftsman who creates the drywall plans is second to none. Add that drywall service to our drywall addition contractor using home drywall addition blueprints made by our own in house professional drafting services and you have the right tools for a beautiful addition.

We also guarantee the best drywall prices in the city. Just see how good our drywall estimate is compared to what any of the other drywall companies advertise here. We also have the best drywall construction schedule compared to our competitors. We do the work you need for the price you want in the time you need it done. Let us climb the scaffolding and do the heavy work for you.

When it comes to residential drywall installation we cover every possible aspect. Call us for:

  • drywall replacement
  • drywall remodel
  • drywall plastering
  • drywall finishing
  • drywall remove and dispose
  • drywall ceiling
  • drywall lift
  • drywall texture
  • drywall corners
  • hanging drywall

If it has to do with drywall installation it has to do with Drywall Hollywood. Our professional drywall contractors will take care of you.

  • fabric wall covering
  • vinyl wall covering
  • wood wall covering
  • brick wall covering
  • wallpaper wall coverings
  • interior wall coverings

We believe a service such as wall covering goes hand in hand with other jobs that a drywall contractor should be able to perform.

This is true of wall plastering service as well. If you need wall plaster there should be no need for you to have to search for a wall plaster company amongst a sea of wall plaster companies. Go with a drywall plastering company that you already trust. Go with our stucco contractor at Drywall Hollywood for wall plaster. Our plastering services are as well done as our drywall and wall covering services. We know how to plaster walls the right way. We also plaster ceilings. And as for repairing plaster walls, we can't be beaten.

We have learned from our commercial drywall work, that repairs can be just as important as installation. We even do simple repairs. We cover all sorts of repairs like patch repair, ceiling repair, water damaged sheetrock repair, and regular wall repair. Finishing drywall repair is also something we provide if you find yourself in need of that. We do removal too, like popcorn ceiling removal and mold drywall removal. There really is no end to all the home drywall services we provide in Hollywood.

If you are in the market for drywall services call Drywall Hollywood. We are easy to find if you remember these words; planning drywall home remodel, they will lead you to us. We will provide you with house drywall plans-remodels & additions along with the professionals that can complete the work. Remember us for drywall, plaster, and wall covering. Drywall Hollywood does it all and we do it with quality and style. Remember us.

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