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Composite Decking

Hollywood Custom Composite Decking

Add decks with rails, stairs, above ground pool setups, and anything else you can think of to your patio, yard, or other areas. Learn more by arranging a free estimate + consultation.

Composite Decking

Composite Wood Near Me - Hollywood CA

For years, Hollywood homeowners have had to put up with decks that need lots of maintenance. Rot, insect infestation, and splintering have been common problems. However, with composite decking, these issues become a thing of the past. You’ll never have to spend hours sealing your deck, or worrying about picking up a splinter. Composite decks are tough, long-lasting, and beautiful to look at. We can build an enormous range of composite decks with a variety of designs to choose from. Go ahead and consult with our deck contractors (for free) to see what sorts of composite decking will best suit your needs.

Custom Composite Deck Contractors Near You

When your home is unique, you need a deck that’s custom-made to your specifications. Our Hollywood composite decking contractors have the experience to custom design decks that meet every customer’s needs. If you’re looking to get a platform with an above ground pool deck, we can let you know we have experience building a wide variety of those. Our local deck contractors can make anything from multi-level deck structures to simple single-layer platform installation. Our team works with you to understand what you need, and comes up with a design that fits your requirements. You can customize the composite deck layout you want however way you want. Add rails, stairs, different features, and even outdoor shade structures like pergolas and gazebos. We build a huge range of decks and shade structures for outdoors. You have a fantastic range of options to choose from.

Quality Deck Features and Accessories 

Most composite deck installations feature more than just a simple platform. If you want to use your new composite deck at night, you’ll need illumination. How about our range of deck lights, designed to fit perfectly in any size of deck? What about a strong, secure composite deck railing to lean on while you sip your morning coffee? We supply and fit all of these and more, to fit all sizes and types of composite wood decks. Customize your new composite deck to your heart’s content by adding these gorgeous, high-quality fittings to your new installation. Not sure yet what to choose? Don’t worry. During the free estimate stage, we can discuss all the different add-ons and features your new composite deck can have.

Fast, Low-Cost Deck Installation 

Once you’ve decided on the perfect custom deck, you don’t want to wait around. That’s why we offer fast and affordable composite deck installation services for the entire Hollywood area. Our experienced deck contractors work hard to get your new composite wood deck fitted as quickly as possible. Thanks to our many years of experience, your new composite decking will complete without any delays. Meaning, you’ll not have to wait around for weeks for the job to get done. Before we get started, you can always get a free customized quote. That makes it easy to understand how the composite decking project will come together. We’ll also explain how long it will take, and what the overall cost is.

Best Hollywood Composite Wood Decks

A new composite deck is a smart investment. Homes with beautiful decks are often the most sought-after because they make the best use of space possible. You’ll get an excellent place to spend warm summer evenings, to entertain guests, and to enjoy yourself. Our composite deck materials make this investment even smarter. There’s very little deck maintenance needed because these materials are so tough. Trex decking, as well as other types of composite decking, is very resilient to damage and to moisture. Of course, if something does happen and you need deck repairs, you can turn to our contractors for help with that too. We offer deck maintenance for composite and real wood platforms. From replacing broken boards to carpentry work on decks and various other repairs. Our pros handle everything your composite deck can need. 

Arrange a Composite Deck Free Estimate

Instead of reading about porch and patio decks, talk to a professional. We provide free quotes on all our decking services, composite or otherwise. Near the Hollywood area? Call us and talk to a professional composite decking contractor. Ask any questions you have and see examples of different designs and features you can go with. We’ll sit down with you to discuss every detail and give you a free estimate on the complete composite deck set. 


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