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Tile Installation

Tile Installation Service - Hollywood CA

New tiling designs can bring a lot to your home or business. Whether in condos, hotel rooms, office bathrooms, or other spaces, tiles provide a decorative surface look with plenty of benefits. Both wall and floor tiles provide a moisture-resistant solution that can improve aesthetics in many ways. As the leading team of Hollywood tile installers in the area, we’re happy to meet with customers from nearby to provide free estimates. Our services include laminate tiles, installing marble countertops, and more!

Hollywood Ceramic Tiling Services

The natural red and brown hues of ceramic tiles give them an earthy aesthetic that can go well with all sorts of décors. The main benefit of ceramic tiles is affordability and ease of installation. They cost less than porcelain and take less time and effort to install. Ceramic tiles can make a good fit for indoor parts of your Hollywood property. However, when it comes to tiling outside areas, they’ll prove less durable and long-lasting.

Porcelain Tiles For Outdoors or Indoors

The pearly and pristine white of porcelain makes it highly sought out. This elegant aesthetic allows for all sorts of decorative tile designs using porcelain with stains, marks, or in single colors. Porcelain tiles have a more hardwearing nature. They offer increased durability and moisture resistance. Installing porcelain tiles takes longer, however, and requires more effort. They can also cost a little more than other types. However, if you want to install tiles on your Hollywood patio, gazebo, or other exterior areas, porcelain tiles can do a great job.

Laminate Tiling – Floating Wood 

The wood-like aesthetic of laminate tiles makes them excellent for mimicking a classic natural look in your Hollywood condo, business, or home without the added maintenance requirements. Laminate tiles fabricate the rich texture of timber. They can look so good you’ll have a hard time distinguishing them from the real thing. The benefits of using laminate tiles over wood revolve mainly around upkeep. Wood needs regular restraining to protect it from rotting and warping. Laminate tiles, also called floating wood tiles, don’t require that sort of maintenance. Their moisture resistance makes them easy to clean and wash, in a way that wood can’t compete with.

Granite & Marble Countertops

These absolutely gorgeous splashing color worktops from marble or granite can create a stunning aesthetic in kitchens and other spaces. Marble kitchen islands are very popular as food preparation stations. The smooth surface and complete moisture resilience make marble and granite countertops excellent for any area where liquids might splash. These heavy worktops require a certain level of expertise to install safely, however. So when you’re looking for new marble countertops for your Hollywood kitchen, remember to get a free estimate form us first!

Free Quotes on Decorative Tiles & Marble Mosaics

Whether you’re looking to replace old tiling or install new slates in remodeled spaces, our local contractors can help in various ways. We install wall and floor tiles in residential and commercial Hollywood properties and provide free consultations beforehand to help you ensure we’re the right team for the job. We create custom tile designs for bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoors. You pick the materials, designs, and everything else you want us to remodel or install. From arabesque tile designs to Roman, new age, or even single color choices. Get in touch with us to schedule a free estimate on tile installation and remodeling services. 

Why Consider Getting Tile Installed?

There are various reasons to consider adding tile into your home, either as a smaller addition like a backsplash, or something more expansive such as the walls. It’s very versatile thanks to the variety of types, so whatever look in particular that you want for your home, from modern to rustic, there’s bound to be something that suits it. It’s also hypoallergenic should anyone in the home have troubles with allergies. Aside from looks, it also boasts a lot of positives such as being waterproof, easy to clean up, much stronger and longer lasting than a lot of other materials, and generally just very easy to maintain.

What Are The Varieties?

The best type of tile for you and your home depends mostly on what you’re looking for overall. Should you want something that’s fairly cheap, ceramic is the best way to go and is the most common for that reason. Glass is a good pick for those who want a large array of colors and looks to choose from and who don’t mind taking extra care with it. Glazed porcelain is ideal if you want something that doesn’t grow bacteria or mold easily and is overall very strong. Should price not be an issue, natural stone is an amazing addition to any room. Marble and granite can have lovely patterns, and the bold colors overall can really set the tone of the area.

Thorough, Expert Service

Our team will set to work first by cleaning the area the tile will go on, that way the adhesive is sure to stick properly and last. It’s also important to find and tend to any dents or other such issues to avoid unevenness with the tile layout. Once the pattern is determined, we’ll begin attaching the pieces with the adhesive and use a special spacer tool to keep them completely even. After they dry, grout is applied.

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