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If you want to know how to deal with various drywall problems, or how to care for the internal and external parts of your home, then these useful tips can help. Our property remodeling experts will be happy to help you with whatever you need.

Termites can eat not only wood but also the thick paper layers, like the ones that cover your drywall panels. The most common signs of damage related to these nasty critters are cracked and crumbling paint sections. Close inspection will reveal the exact extent of the damage. If the affected panels are not fixed quickly, the gypsum plaster in the core will start to get affected and the structural stability of the entire panel will be compromised.
If the water stayed for long enough to soak deeply into the drywall (longer than 48 hours usually), the material will get soft. It may even turn into paste if it absorbed enough liquid. In such a case, the only solution to the problem would be to completely remove all the old panels and to have new ones installed. Mold is a major concern, but not the only one, as soft and soaked drywall panels could crumble and collapse at any moment.
Lots of times a tenant will want improvements done to the rental property that you rent them. When you're concerned about the costs involved or quality of the repairs, remember that our team is rated tops locally for making excellent improvements to many tenant properties in the area. We always guarantee that we'll complete your projects on time and within your budget. Give our team a call for any tenant improvements and we'll complete the job to your tenant's complete satisfaction.
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Affordable Prices

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Commercial & Residential

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Experienced Team

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