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Patio Covers

Patio Covers Designs In Hollywood

A rigid cover for your Hollywood patio or a roof above your deck can provide shelter and shade throughout the day and night. Of course, you can go with wooden patio covers or aluminum roofs for attached and sturdy variants. However, outdoor canopy options also offer you a lot. And they come with benefits of their own. Motorized patio covers bring another thing to the table – technological innovation. With remote control electric patio covers, you can adjust the shade above your head at will. Custom made patio covers need to provide comfort and shade, preferably at an affordable price too. With help from our local patio and deck contractors, you can get patio and deck covers and roofs custom-built and designed to suit your every need.

Patio Shades – Sails and Umbrellas

For a more decorative touch, softer patio covers provide a range of designs in styles that create a vibrant look. Shade sails in your Hollywood patio or general backyard area can bring color to the landscape, as well as provide comfortable and cool shaded spots to lounge under. Shade sails custom made to specific sizes and in selected designs provide both utility and wonderful aesthetics. Patio umbrellas can do the same with a thicker canopy and concrete bases that keep them sturdy and stable. Choosing ornate designs for patio umbrellas or straightforward looks can influence the outdoor décor of your property as well. Free-standing patio covers can add shade to more than platforms and structures. You can add free-standing awnings and outdoor shades to lawns, porches, as well as your patio and deck.

Wood Deck Covers

For that stylish aesthetic of timber covers for decking and patios, wooden roofs become the favorite choice. With slates, shingles, or a variety of wooden deck roofing designs, you can transform a drab old space into something elegant and stylish. Wooden patio covers add lots of décor, true, but they require more maintenance than other options. If you don’t mind the occasional paint jobs and wood patio cover repairs (which our Hollywood contractors can help with) then this choice can suit you great.

Aluminum Patio Roofs

Cheap and lightweight, aluminum covers for patios and even decks can offer sturdy and low-cost shading solutions. Aluminum patio covers provide an inexpensive hard canopy over your head. They’ll protect you from harsh sunlight and can lower heat as well, providing a nice cool, shaded spot to lounge under. Naturally, aluminum isn’t the strongest of options, with low maintenance requirements but also more limited design options. However, for low-cost patio covers, aluminum can take the cake, saving you money and hassle too.

New Deck & Patio Cover Ideas

Whether for an outdoor commercial space or your local Hollywood backyard, patio covers and deck canopies and roofs can flaunt custom designs that add a lot of aesthetics and texture to the area. Patio covers provide shade, sure, but they also go a long way towards complementing the existing décor. Beautiful wooden patio covers and deck or pergola roofs can create a lovely look for your outdoor lounge area. Motorized pergola covers can do the same, with remote control features that let you change up the position of the shade. Patio cover design ideas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Finding the right patio covers for your needs will become a fun experience. You can customize different looks and features, all with advice and free consultation from our local contractors. Book an appointment for a free estimate today!


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